Nagar Palika Parishad, Unnao

District - Unnao

Major activities Division

Advertisement means and includes any representation in any manner such as announcement or direction by words, letters, models, signs by means of any device or posters, hoardings boards, banners, illuminated signs, name boards, direction boards, small advertisement boards on existing light poles, balloons etc.

There are different sources of Advertisements, such as Advertisement hoardings, Glow sign boards, Direction Gantries, Kiosks, Mobile Vans, and Advertisement Balloons. The permission for these types of advertisements is given by the Advertisement Department.

For giving advertisement rights on Direction Gantries, Kiosks, and Mobile Vans tenders are called for, where else for an erection of a glow sign board, or an Advertising hoarding any agency can apply. The permission form for an Advertisement board/ Glow sign board is as follows and will be available for Rs. 20/- in the department during office hours.

Advertisement Fee:
The Advertisement department not only gives permission to Advertisements, but it also levies taxes for the permitted Advertisements or the displayed advertisements known as Advertisement Fee or Display charge.

Action against Illegal Hoardings:
After giving permission to an agency for the erection of an advertisement if an agency is not fulfilling the rules set up by the department then strict action is taken by the corporation against the agency, such as removal of the Advertisement. If any illegal advertisement is erected by an agency and the agency wants to regularizes it then it is regularized by the consent of the Hon. Commissioner by charging a compounding fee not exceeding five times of chargeable fee provided such hoarding or advertisement is in accordance with the rules set by the department.