Nagar Palika Parishad, Unnao

District - Unnao


Functions of The Department:
  a. Long-term Planning, Design & Implementation & Monitoring of various Water Supply Schemes according to Master Plan.
  b. Implementation of various water supply projects like- augmentation of new sources of water, development of new waterworks /
      water distribution stations, increasing capacity of existing water treatment plants / Intake wells / underground tanks, Construction
      of overhead tanks, design, procurement & laying of transmission pipelines and distribution pipelines, procurement & installation of
      valves etc. is carried out by floating public tenders & appointing capable contractors as approved by the competent sanctioning
      authority of Municipal Corporation.
  c. Issue of new licenses & renewal of existing licenses for plumbers.
  d. Providing water tankers in the deficient area and where any complaints are received about quality/quantity of water supplied
      through pipeline.
  e. Maintenance of all the water works, water treatment plants water distribution stations, valves, transmission pipelines and
      distribution pipelines is done either departmentally or by appointing private participants.